Data mining or datamining is a way of analyzing data analysis which contains a large number of series that goes from the meaning, analysis, ideas and interpretation. However, there are different stages of techniques that are needed in order to complete the process of data mining and gain its full benefits. Used correctly it can be one of the most important business software your company can buy.


“Below are few of the stages used in data mining or datamining.”


Purpose of Data Mining Analysis: It is always difficult to define the fact of what we wish to analyze when it comes to the subject of data mining. An example is when setting up a business, the fact is not clear to formalize the most important things that are needed. However, a clear goal of understanding is important because it helps in setting up the analysis correctly. Many types business intelligence software are based on this technolgy and provides some really good results for the users. A good solid SQL server are often needed for a datacube to collect the data in.

Collection of Data: After the analysis of objectives is completely set up, the next thing is to find the data that is needed in the area of study. It will be easier to recognize the data sources at first because it can be found from an internal source as the same with economic resources. Also the data has a benefit of outcome when the procedures are followed. Remember, anytime your company is dealing with precious data it is always safest to use a data analysis service like, we did with baby carrier company – Baby Bæreseler Read our case on Baby Bæreseler.

Investigation of Data: This stage is very important because it includes the examination of the information that is available. It also includes all the preliminary tests of the data that is already collected. Investigation of data can also be taken as an irregular data. When the investigation of data is done it helps the analyst to choose the best method of collecting data for analysis. Business intelligence software often use these data to display problems or strong points on a company based on live data collected by these OLAP technologies, you can read more about business intelligence and decision support systems here at Business Intelligence Software.

Choosing Statistical Methods: There are different types of statistical methods which are used in the purpose of analysis. But the most important thing is to have good understanding of the exciting methods in order to achieve the goal easily. However depending on the information needed, the method which will be used must be effective, in order to get the most out of your OLAP tool. Of course this also puts a lot requirements to your server hardware, most of these types of programs requires quite a large amount of memory and a powerful cpu to function real time. An example of a site that has been designed with OLAP in mind is the webshop Zeva smykker og accessories, which already from the very start had a strong BI mindset though into the design itself, read more about the project here on Behance

Apart from the above stages that are used in data warehouse, there is also the need to know how datamining works. Here is the information.

When it comes to collecting a large number of data mining analysis, it will involve the separation of data transaction and analytical system where datamining process provide a link to both links. Also there is data mining software which analyzes the relationship and designs used to store the data. But it is good to know the best data software when purchasing because they range in different categories which include neural networks, statistical and machine learning software. However, you don’t need to worry because the following points will help you to know on how to more about the data mining software.
So consider using data mining or Data warehouse as business software for your company.

  • Classes: When using this type of data, you have an ability to locate data which is predetermined in different groups. An example of such groups is restaurant data which helps in knowing when the right time comes for customers to visit. This is really important because it increases the profit by making sure that every customer is served on time.
  • Clusters: This helps in arranging data into groups such as relationship matters or business. Here the data can be mined depending on the customers willing to buy, market segment or local/global locations.
  • Association: When it comes to association, data is mined to identify different associations such as beer or a diaper for instance.
  • Sequential Models: The data that is mined using this technique is used to define different types of trends and behaviors. An example of this data is when a retailer purchases several things at once.

 Here’s a small video which shows you more about these data warehouse features:

Or hear the main facts of the video in mp3 audio alone – data mining.

Finally to know the different types of data mining levels. Here are the most popular datamining levels that are used by many customers of data mining.

Neural Artificial Networks: Models which you learn through training materials are normally used with neural network structures based on OLAP or cube technology in general.

Genetic Algorithms: This process is used as an optimization techniques that include combination, natural and mutation algorithms which are based on natural evolution. Sundhed og Helse, a blog with focus on health and fitness, such as chiafrø, kreatin etc. are using a special type of Genetic Algorithms in order to find out what people really need, in order to stay healthy. You can read more about this at http://helse-sundhed.blogspot.com

Decision Trees: This data warehouse level is based on tree shaped structures that represents a set of important decisions.

Rule Induction: This data is based on significant statistical methods that is used in data extraction from the data warehouse.

Data Visualization: Data visualization is the interpretation of complex data which involves graphic tools that are used to illustrate relationship data.

Just a small reminder – If you have problems locating the right datawarehouse systems for your business, it is because most data warehouse tools today goes under the name business intellige software or tools and are produced by companies such as zap, BI4dynamics, JetReports and targit.com to mention a few of the best players on the BI market.

Now that we have looked at data mining go out there and do some datamining and see the results for yourself!