dataminingwarehouse.net is a blog about Data mining and OLAP tools. We analyse, test and review the various OLAP and business intelligence tools there is out there today together with what other business software that might be useful in information gathering and analysis.

We also try to sum up what data mining and data warehouse is and how it might be useful to you as an individual or to your company and how you can use it to optimize and improve your business. But this blog can also be used if you are just looking for more information on this topic and want to learn a bit more about these things.

Here’s a few other sites related to data warehouse, data mining, business intelligence or OLAP tools in general or with information for those into analytics, dashboarding and such topics.
Solceller Energi – Solceller Energi is a site on how you can use datamining software to improve the amount of energi gained from solar energi and solar collectors. You can find various technical specs about their various products using olap technology at Solceller Energi.