Business Intelligence – Functions and Advantages

by Philip Nielson on 2. februar 2014

Fastelavnskostumer til voksneWhat makes a business become competitive and productive? This is the most common we usually heard by most business owners and business managers. We normally surf on the internet and even seek for professionals who can advice and can assist particular business to become successful. All businesses have one goal and objective and that is to become competitive, being productive and totally become successful. However, since there are many businesses out there, it is expected that people will surely be divided. Not all the potential customers would come onto your business. Customers have their own choices, tastes, needs and wants as they discovered at They were selling their main product fastelavnskostumer based on what they thought the customers wanted and not by analysing what they actually wanted. So because of that they had a really bad convertation ratio for fastelavnskostumer on their webshop. After doing some more BI and finding out exactly what the costumers would like, they made those changes to their products and a few weeks later fastelavnskostumer had more than trippled their convertion ratio. Therefore, it is very important that you can answer those stuffs in order to gain customers. But, you can never do it if you are not using any business tool that would guide you on your ways on how to market and offer your products and services that would meet their needs and wants. So, this is the right time to seek for business tool that you will be able to use for the future of your business. Business intelligence is one of the most popular business techniques that have been used with many enterprises these days.

With the advancement of our market today, we usually adopt those methods not just to become sophisticated but become advance as well. Yet there are effective traditional business techniques, it is still good to acquire the innovative one. Since we are now living in the computer era and high technology, we need to become advance as well on our marketing strategies. The importance of business intelligence comes into its way now. Business intelligence functions into the computer and that makes the tool advance and more easy to use. From the traditional writing and storing files into a particular office drawer changed into storing files into a particular computer’s database. This makes the importance of business intelligence relevant. Business managers don’t need to gather data and store it into a file but instead storing them into a database. It is so much relevant when using business intelligence because it makes the work easy and with no hassle.

fastelavnskostumer.dkThe importance of business intelligence goes onto the computer era. The corporate dashboard becomes a requirement in business intelligence tech. Due to the advancement and change in the technology used; business intelligence had increased its popularity until now. Handling huge amount of information available is very important to kept and this can be possible through utilizing business intelligence. The most important factor that business intelligence contributes is the ability to transform data into useful information and transforms it into information into knowledge. With this process, it would be easy for you to understand its importance and how it helps on improving your business. Every business decision-making process can now be easily done with the advancement of business intelligence. Intelligence is genuinely the key to success. The solution to achieving in a competitive market is to stay in advance of the competition and you can do this through the importance of business intelligence. Just imagine how a small company like Fastelavns Kostumer Voksne had managed to improve sales by 300% for their main product fastelavnskostumer just by analysing what their costumers wanted and then making those changes to their website. These are some some of the functions and advantages of business intelligence.

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