Case: Improve sales of baby carriers

by Philip Nielson on 31. oktober 2017

Udstyr og bæresele til din nye babyThis time we take a closer look at the baby business. A company called Baby Bæreseler, which is selling baby carriers to the northen part of Europe. They wanted to expand to the rest of Europe, and later on maybe to the US. But in order to do so, Baby Bæreseler needed to improve several things about their business. The needed to improve on the following areas:

  • Better logistics
  • Better storage for the baby carriers
  • Better overview of their business
  • Finding local resellers in the various countries
  • Better Branding

As you can see there was a pretty big task ahead of them, and they really had no idea how to get started on it all. So the first time I suggested they did, was look closer at their data, and finding their strong sides and their weak sides of their business.
After a few months of analysing and testing, we could see that people liked their baby carriers. Several places they had actually won best in test baby carriers, and people generally left good reviews about their products. They had a great production facility which could produce the baby carriers in good quality for an acceptable price.
If we looked at their weak sides, they had a pretty poor logistic and transportation system. It was way to complicated and expensive, compared to many other similar companies. Another weak point was their brand. Most people had never heard of Baby Bæreseler, so it was hard to compete with the big brands like BabyBjørn, Stokke, Childhome and Ergobaby. These brands usually rank top i baby carriers test.

So here is what they had to do, in order to get started.

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Better branding of Baby Bæreseler

The first step was to improve their branding, both in their own country, but also in the countries they wanted to sell their products in. And even before they actually had their products there. Why is that you may ask? Well it’s a lot easier to get a good reseller to sell your products if they have heard about your company, compared to being a brand new company. So at first the branding campaign was actually aimed at the resellers, instead of the retail customers. We want most of the bigger resellers to actually know who Baby Bæresele was, before contacting them and setting up some reseller deals.

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This turned out to be a pretty good move. Since the campaigns was aimed entirely at the people selling baby carriers, it wasn’t to expensive. And they also managed to land some pretty good resellers in several key countries. They are currently still working on improving their local brands.

Branding their baby carriers

Next step would be to tell people about their products, and why they should buy Baby Bæreseler baby carriers instead of a Childhome or Ergobaby baby carrier. Their price was a bit cheaper than the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier, but the quality was just as good. And it is also a very ergonimic carrier. The problem was how to let people know that, so they would select a Baby Bæresele instead of one of the others. Using data from previous sales, they found a few good ways that worked in their own coutry, and tried those with success in a few other countries.

Sales picked up pretty nicely, and everything seems to be going according to plan. So the board is pleased, and hopefully there will be a lot more work for me there.

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The next step

Now the next big step is to take this model, and expand it to a few more countries in Europe. Have the factories produce more baby carriers, so that the reselles can build up a stock pile, to sell from. Fix some of the storage and logistic problems they have.

Once these things are done, it’s time to analyse the result of the expansition, and see if it’s time to give it a try on the US market, or wait a little until things are going better in Europe first. But as it looks right now, everything is going pretty well for Baby Bæresele, and the sales of their baby carriers, have picked up nicely in several European countries.
Hopefully this will also go smoothly, and will happened sometime around the end of the next year.

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