Datamining benefits from powerful servers

by Philip Nielson on 5. april 2016

Baby Bæreseler and bæresele like baby carriersWe have over the last few years seem some more and more advanced data mining programs due to the fact that high end server power is now affordable for most companies. For instance some of the more powerful data mining systems like the one for Targit could easily run and process huge amount of data on a server with these minumum specs:

3.600 GhZ CPU
32 GB of Memory
3 TB storage harddrive
4 256 SSD drives in raid5

and manage to do data mining and analysis on what most companies would classify as Big Data. Something that for just 4 years ago would be something that would cost the company close to half a million to do. A system like the one above can now be obtained for less than 3000$ which is a lot less making it something that most companies can now benefit from.

Since analysis big data now is an option for normal companies too, more and more have decided to give data mining a try and integrated it into their existing ERP system (like microsoft Dynamics Nav) in order to get more value from all the data they collect.
These data can then be used in a decision support system or a business intelligence tool to give the company managers more facts when they have to make critical decisions about a product or the whole company in general.

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