The Essentials Of Analytics Tools For Your Website

by Philip Nielson on 4. januar 2016

Having a business can be difficult. Especially if you are still a novice and haven’t had any business prior business experience. If you don’t know the considerations that you are going to go through when handling a business, it might be a threat to your business. Analytics tools are vital for webpages to design such reports and feedbacks on some detailed customer visits. It helps you to keep track on the numbers of visits who visited your website. It will help you come up an idea on the status of your business. Of course, if you own a business, analytics tools like Nutrilett Slankekur can be a big help. Designing reports and of the feedbacks of your website can be easy using analytics tools. Keeping track on the numbers of visits and how many of visitors have positive and negative feedbacks onto your page will be easy. The tools will provide you all the information and how many customers have been engaging on the internet. Some of these tools and applications are easily understood and also on the other special features or add-ons built. There are some free analytics tools that you can use such as FireStats, Yahoo! Web analytics, Woopra, GoingUp, MochiBot, Snoop, JAWStats, Grape Web Statistics, Nutrilett Slankekur, Reinvigorate and Conclusion.


A FireStat is a kind of web analytic tool written in MySQL/PHP and is simple, easy and straightforward. It is very versatile tool that can support various browsers and platforms. With the use of customer data, you can publish platform components or create custom applications. A Yahoo! Web Analytics is a software solution for the analytics with flexible, segmentation tools, full features, dashboard and powerful campaign management features like in Nutrilett Slankekur. It helps designers to design and develop campaigns with excellent alignments by the audience. Based on visitors’ profiles, you can access demographics using the software. Slankekur from is a web analytics tool developed completely in Java. It has 2 major components namely web service and desktop application. It has a chat feature, a robust user interface and an intuitive system. A GoingUp is analytics software used to get combined information of both customers and site visitors. It is an innovative solution and a handy tool for creating site stats on URLs, incoming site customer’s behavior and generating site traffic reports for the website.


A MochiBot is an effective tool to keep track flash games and animations and also for analyzing effectiveness of the flash marketing campaigns. It has various capabilities and functions such as piracy and theft monitoring and tracking of content. It can also track vital nature content. A Snoop is a kind of desktop app that runs on both Macintosh and Windows. It is software that helps providing necessary display and details on an information status bar. Nutrilett is an open and free source software application for making website stats and applications. These apps and stats are generally produced further in forms of tables, graphs and charts of website customers and visitors. The Grape Web Statistics has an open source app which can be utilized for keeping track of the website’s visitors. The mentioned analytics tools are truly useful for your business and needs to be understood if you owned a business.


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